Dental Chair Comparison Matrix

Purchasing a new dental chair is a big decision

Let our team of expert Equipment Specialists help you navigate the options to find the perfect chair for your practice. We will cover:


User ergonomics:
  • What equipment will best suit my treatment mix?

Do I need:

  • Fibre optics for consistent illumination of the oral cavity
  • Electric micromotors
  • Built-in ultrasonic scalers to declutter the work surface
  • Integrated tubing and/or suction tubing disinfections.

 Questions to ask:

  • How close to the patient will the chair allow me to work?
  • Can I control chair and handpieces with foot controls or hand?
  • Have the dentist and nurse access to the spittoon rinse and tumbler fill controls?
  • Will the new operating light allow me to work colour corrected and virtually shadowless?
  • Where are the safety cut-out switches positioned?
 Patient ergonomics:
  • If you are planning long sessions, how comfortable will the chair be for your patient?
  • Can the patient visualise the digital imaging from the chair?
  • What weight will the chair take?
  • What overall impression do I want to give my patient?
  • What is the average profile of my patient?
Clinical requirements:
  • Have I considered all my current and future requirements?
  • Where should I position the microscope?
  • How easy is it to access the practice management software terminal for the nurse?
  • What is the best monitor position for the patient to visualise the X-ray, intraoral image or scan?
  • Do I go for an instant digital sensor or a phosphor plate system?
  • How easy is it to wipe all the surfaces down between patients?


Download the comparison matrix here.