Your Lab Digital Workflow

Identify the right lab equipment to remain competitive

Adding or expanding digital technology in your laboratory workflow is not a simple decision. Initially, technology might seem disruptive to established procedures and your technicians’ workflow process. Advanced equipment requires significant investment not only of money, but also of time and energy, as your team works to integrate the technology and use it to your laboratory’s best advantage. However, some level of digital workflow is becoming necessary to remain competitive: The key is to identify the right equipment and processes to fit your workflow and clientele.



What are your specific goals with digital technology?

What digital advantages would be key to your success?

  • Staying competitive in the market against larger laboratories
  • Strengthening your long-term client relationships by becoming an experienced technical resource for them
  • Attracting new clients through expanding your capabilities and your geographic base
  • Remaining price-stable in volatile markets by having more restorative options
  • Assuring the consistency of your quality Minimising turnaround times
  • Having a partner for training and support when needed

Where are you in this workflow?

Identify the components that will enhance lab productivity

Digital technology in the laboratory is most decidedly not a one-size-fits-all solution. Nor is it ever “finished,” as new software and upgraded hardware are constantly being introduced. Rather, digital workflow is a continuum with an array of solutions and options that work together in countless configurations. The key is to identify the components and their connections that will truly enhance your laboratory productivity.

  • DIGITAL COMMUNICATION – The advancement of digital communication has been invaluable to the dental team for planning cases and the successful delivery of complex treatment.
  • DIGITAL TREATMENT PLANNING – Centralised virtual information-sharing platforms serve as a host for all members to upload information to one location, minimizing potentially expensive miscommunication.
  • DIGITAL SHADE COMMUNICATION – These devices are able to take several shade samples simultaneously, breaking the samples down into cervical, middle, and incisal thirds to offer the restorative team an accurate assessment of tooth colour.
  • DIGITAL IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY – Populate data for CAD software just minutes after the dentist has taken the impression. Digital impressions eliminate human error; ultimately saving time and money in the end.
  • DIGITAL CASE SUBMISSION – The development of Internet-based portals for submitting case information provides an opportunity for convenient comprehensive dentist-to-laboratory communication and also serves as a conduit for clinicians to access their specific account data.
  • DIGITAL MATERIALS – Gives technicians flexibility in their material choices to deliver exceptional durable, lifelike restorations with consistency and predictability.
  • CAM FABRICATION METHODS – Provides in-house capability to design, plan, prototype, or produce functional elements for diverse dental applications.

From the Digital Impression to the Final Restoration. Henry Schein offer a comprehensive selection of products and materials to connect with the digital workflow from start to finish.


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