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Custom loupes and headlights with an unbeatable combination of both quality and value.

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Dental Loupes - An unbeatable combination of quality and comfort

For 19 years, the PeriOptix® brand continues to be a leader in optical and light-based technology. All PeriOptix optics are made with high-end, shatter-resistant glass to ensure optimum edge-to-edge clarity in a large viewing field. Our variety of magnification options and large selection of loupe styles ensure that most needs are met with an elegant and customisable solution.


Why should dentists and hygienists use magnification?


Which Loupe should I choose, lenses!


Gallian Lense
Gallian lense


  • 2x - 3.5x magnification
  • Compact – short
  • Light
  • Good depth-of-field
  • Good field-of-view


  • Maximum magnification “only” 3.5x


Prismatic Lense
Prismatic lense


  • 4x - 8x magnification
  • Sharpest image
  • Higher magnification


  • Very long
  • Heavy
  • Small depth-of-field
  • Narrow field-of-view


What is important in a loupe?

Lighter loupes are more comfortable and on the long run will reduce muscular tensions and thus complications. Ultra-light loupes offer the greatest comfort.


Depth of field 

Area that is visible and the focus, while looking through the magnifying glass (“y” in the drawing).

A loupe with a long working distance, will have a larger depth sharpness, and vice versa.

A loupe with a lower magnification factor has a greater depth of field, and vice versa.

High-end loupes use high-performance oculars conceived to provide an extra large depth of field (up to 120 mm).

  • Short  28-38cm (11-15”)
  • Reg  36-46cm (14-18”)
  • Long  43-53cm(17-21”)
  • X-Long 50-60cm (20-24”)


Optical quality

Resolution: Ability of an optical system to differentiate images of objects that are separated by small distances and to detect fine details.

Colourmetric Shift: Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration, also known as “LoCA” or “bokeh fringing”, occurs when different wavelengths of color do not converge at the same point after passing through a lens. Because each color gives a different wavelength, uncorrected optics cannot focus the different wavelengths in different points in space.

Deformation of the image: An object that is seen with a magnifying glass that has a spherical aberration, appears bent or spheric. The lines are not straight.

Depth-of-field: Area that is visible and the focus, while looking through the magnifying glass (“y” in the drawing).


PeriOptix® TTL Optics

The lightest weight premium through-the-lens loupes. Through-the-lens loupes are custom manufactured for each individual user. TTL loupes have extremely precise optical quality and a large field of view making them comfortable, easy to use, and care free. TTL loupes are also much lighter and sleeker than their flip-up counterparts.

  • Adjustable to all users
  • Free sight when the loupes are flipped-up
  • Variable declination angle
  • Less expensive (-15 to 20%)


2.3x MicroLine™ TTL Loupes

One of the lightest loupes on the market. The great field of view and depth make this loupe comfortable for first-time loupe users and is perfect for hygienists and assistants.

Weight: 35 grams Field of View: 3.5 inches Depth of Field: 4.5 inches

2.7x TTL Loupes

The perfect balance between magnification and depth of field. This loupe is ideal for any general dental practitioner.

Weight: 43 grams Field of View: 3.5 inches Depth of Field: 4.0 inches

3.1x TTL Loupes

A great loupe for experienced loupe users. The higher magnification is beneficial for anyone looking to add a second pair of loupes.

Weight: 47 grams Field of View: 2.5 inches Depth of Field: 3 inches

4.0x TTL Prismatic Loupes

The newly reimagined prismatic 4.0x loupe is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts on the market. This high magnification allows the user to see a large image without compromising image clarity.

Weight: 61 grams Field of View: 2.5 inches Depth of Field: 2.5 inches


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