SciCan Statim 6000B G4+ Vacuum Autoclave

The Art of Sterilisation

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The STATIM 6000B G4+ Vacuum Autoclave is a compact EN13060 compliant Class B steriliser that offers you speed, high capacity, safety, and efficiency.


Its innovative sterilisation technology incorporates both pre-sterilisation vacuum for greater steam penetration and post-sterilisation vacuum for improved drying.


Small Footprint but Great Performance
A 6 litre chamber gives you a small footprint while the reprocessing of 2 cassettes/12 pouches offers enough capacity for any size practice, sterilising and drying wrapped instrument loads in from 17 minutes.


Convenient automated Filling and Drainage Options
Automatic filling and direct-to-drain options allow fully automated Stericentre set-up.


Programmable – Works on your Command
Sterilisation cycles or daily tests, Helix-, Vacuum- & Bowie-Dick, can be scheduled to meet the needs of your practice.


Smart Features for Improved Automation and Workflow
The online User Portal allows cycle data storage, advanced reporting manuals, video tutorials and software updates to be displayed on screen.


G4+ Technology Connectivity & Data Logging
WiFi G4+ Technology allows for traceable load release, barcode printing and instrument tracking enhanced documentation features, data storage and much more.

STATIM B G4+, the next generation STATIM autoclave

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